Jeff in front of swatches


CurranCAR's parent company, Curran, has been selling high-end home furnishings to the end-user, design trade and hospitality industry since it was founded by Jeff Curran in 1990.

CurranFLOOR was created in 1995 to specialize in niche floor coverings.

CurranCAR was launched in 2013 to bring style to auto interiors. The idea of stylish car flooring was born when two Jeffs connected ...

Tale of two Jeffs: CurranCAR is the result of two eerily similar worlds colliding. Jeff Curran (JC) and Jeff "Mat Guy" (JM) had almost identical businesses but were selling to different markets. Both started their business at the same time (early 90's);both specialized in selling custom sisal mats and rugs via the internet; both realized that they needed an alternative to sisal that wouldn't stain; and both are named Jeff.

There is a reason why Jeff and Jeff had never met before: JC was selling to clients beautifying interior spaces whereas JM was selling to clients embellishing their cars. Both existed within parallel universes unaware of the other. Until they finally met when JM sent JC an e-mail looking for a synthetic sisal product that would be easy to clean.

JC had been developing easy-to-clean synthetic sisal and had the appropriate product to sell to JM. After several conversations between the two Jeffs regarding the lack of design in the auto floor mat industry, JC decided that he wanted new car flooring in his car. He choose a material he thought would be fun to have, aesthetically pleasing, freshen up his car's interior and, of course, would be easy to clean. JC selected a colorful weave and sent it to JM who made him some mats. When the mats arrived, JC was in the middle of a presentation to a group of architects and designers. He opened the package in front of the group, and they all went giddy over the new mats.

Two worlds fused, and the rest is history...

3 Reasons That CurranCAR Mats Are Must-Haves

Cutting edge design concepts certainly do not have to be specific to home decor. If you consider yourself to be a car enthusiast, you have likely also dedicated hours of thought and effort into making your vehicle stand out among the rest- down to every last detail. Fortunately, there is one more way in which you can add additional hints of taste and charm to your car: CurranCAR mats. We proudly announce that Curran can provide you with distinctive, luxury car mats that might just be the finishing touch you have been waiting for. The next high-class design trend is here, and the following features make this a must-have item for any style-lover.


First and foremost, these designer car mats can be individualized to reflect your own personal preferences. Not only are the patterns themselves specific to your particular vehicle, but also they can be crafted in the material and color of your choice. Choose from our wide variety of woven vinyl, synthetic sisal weaves, coir, wool and sisal, each available in a multitude of colors from rich earth tones to vibrant brights. In fact, you can even select the color of the stitching featured along the binding of the mat itself. If you have taken the time to showcase a unique and tasteful look in and around your home, why not extend those design concepts to the vehicle you love? From classic bouclé sisal to sophisticated vinyls, your custom car mats will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your passengers and add a pleasant ambiance to your driving experience.


Even from a purely practical perspective, CurranCAR mats make sense as an alternative to traditional floor mats. Many of the world's most sophisticated vehicles still come equipped with thin mats that slide along the floors, often causing a nuisance for drivers. What is worse, this wear-and-tear can eventually ruin the mats over time, rendering them useless. Our high-end car mats are a sharp contrast to such products. We back all of our car mats with natural rubber that is a whole 1/8" thick. This detail, combined with the strength and durability of the woven materials themselves, makes for a product with unmatched quality and longevity. Heel pads can also be included for the mats at no additional cost, which can add comfort to your drive. For these reasons, even logistically speaking our product is the ideal finishing touch for your luxury car experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Curran strives to provide customers with the best possible product,every single time. That is why we offer swatches that represent the colors and textures that interest you most for your designer car mats. We want you to feel 100% confident when you place an order so that you are nothing but enthusiastic when your mats arrive. We guarantee their material to be defect-free for the first three years. If you are less than completely satisfied with the fit of your mat, we will work hard to find a solution for you.

Curran's high-end car mats are truly unlike anything else on the market. If you have a cutting-edge style and consider yourself to be a trendsetter, custom car mats can provide your vehicle with a fresh new look and feel you aren't likely to find elsewhere. We invite you to take the first step in planning for your luxury car mats by viewing our wide selection of materials and color palettes. For any further questions, please view our FAQ page and feel free to contact us for further questions regarding CurranCAR mats.