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Why would I want a set of CurranCAR mats?

CurranCAR mats have a great and unique look. CurranCAR offers colors, textures, patterns and materials not found anywhere else on the market. We have a style to bring your personality to your car and put "style underfoot."

Are CurranCAR mats custom made?

Yes, all CurranCAR mats are custom made to order. You choose the weave, weave color, binding color, stitch color etc. You may mix and match as much as you want. All CurranCAR mats are made to specifically fit your vehicle. CurranCAR mats are not "one-size-fits-all" mats.

Do all driver CurranCAR mats come with heel pads?

We put heel pads on some CurranCAR mats as standard and heel pads are a no cost option on all other CurranCAR mats.

Do you have the custom pattern for my car?

We have the patterns for almost every European car, including every Porsche, Mercedes and BMW pattern. We also have most American and Japanese cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. If there is a pattern we do not have, we will try and locate the pattern. If we cannot locate a car to recreate the pattern; then we will contact you and ask if you would like us to send brown craft paper along with simple instructions, and a return stamped envelope so that you can make us a pattern.

Will CurranCAR mats move or slide around?

CurranCAR mats do not move or slide around. Most factory and aftermarket floor mats will slide around and bunch up at the accelerator pedal. This is due to the majority of mats being too light and flimsy and not having the weight or the rubber-nibbed bottom that our CurranCAR mats have. CurranCAR mats do not move around while driving, because we have adhered our top matting to a 1/8" natural rubber with nibbed bottom, which is much heavier than standard mats (approximately 13 lbs. for a 2 piece set.) Also, we use grommets or velcro-style hold-downs when appropriate on the drivers side mat to help keep it in place.

Can I use CurranCAR cargo mats outside of the car?

There are many more benefits that you would discover if you talked to one of our customers. Many of our customers like to use their CurranCAR cargo mats as picnic blankets or ski boot changing area (for modern styles.) Let us know if you come up with a new application for our CurranCAR mats and please, e-mail us a picture.

Will CurranCAR mats fade?

Our selection of Modern CurranCAR mats are made of highly fade-resistant woven vinyl (color fastness to light: level 8). Our synthetic sisal car mats made from nylon may fade slightly. Our natural sisal, wool and coco mats will fade over time.

What are CurranCAR mats made out of?

Our Modern CurranCAR mats are made from woven vinyl. This modern synthetic is a hard-wearing, high performance material, incredibly durable and thus, perfect for a high traffic area such as the floor of your car. In addition, woven vinyl is impervious to moisture, highly fade-resistant and easy to clean.

Our synthetic sisal mats are made from durable 100% nylon weaves. These offer the look of natural sisal but can be cleaned and are very durable. These weaves resist moisture, stains, bacteria and mildew.

Our Natural CurranCAR mats are made from a variety of natural materials - cocos (coir), wool, and sisal. These mats offer a classic look with natural materials.

All CurranCAR mats are backed with a 1/8" heavy duty nibbed rubber backing.

Where are CurranCAR mats made?

The material is from either the USA or Europe, and our CurranCAR mats are made in the USA.

Are my CurranCAR mats going to be the same thickness as the swatch sample I received in the mail?

No, they will be backed with 1/8" natural rubber with a nibbed bottom which adds quite a bit of weight to the mat (approximately 13 lbs. for a 2 piece set.)

How do I pick the style and color?

First look around the site for a style, pattern or color that appeals to you, or shop by ease of cleaning to find a weave that fits your needs. Then order samples in weave that you feel might work with your car's interior. The samples are 3" x 5" and are sent out via USPS Priority Mail the same day that you order them.

Do all CurranCAR mats have to have a binding?

Yes. You want your CurranCAR mats to have a very tough edging to withstand the daily wear and tear and not crack or rip. Our binding is made of highly durable vinyl that looks like leather and comes in colors that compliment our matting colors.

Can I chose the stitching color on the binding?

Of course. We offer 8 standard thread colors but we have access to many more so if you want a specific color, please let us know.

Can I get coordinating CurranCAR mats and CurranCAR cargo mats?

Of course, we encourage it.

How long will it take to get my CurranCAR mats?

Once you have ordered your CurranCAR mats, production typically takes 3-4 weeks.

What is the warranty on CurranCAR mats?

We guarantee CurranCAR mats to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 3 years. However, if you have a problem beyond that timeframe, please contact us so that we can try and rectify the problem. Under normal use, CurranCAR mats should last for many years, and most important, we want you to be happy.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship CurranCAR mats all over the world. Just select your country at checkout, and it will calculate shipping costs. Any applicable taxes and duties will be additional and will be billed separately by UPS for which you will be responsible.

Will I be charged for shipping?

Freight is free on all of our mats shipped within the continental USA. HI/AK and all international orders will be charged freight.

Do you work with interior designers?

Of course, interior designers are some of our best customers! We offer a trade discount to members of the design community. For more information, e-mail us.

How do I order?

Please watch the video below for step-by-step instructions how to order car mats.

How do I clean CurranCAR mats?

Please see our Care Info page for instructions on how to clean your specific type of CurranCAR mats.

What if the CurranCAR mats I ordered do not fit?

We guarantee the fit and quality of every set of custom CurranCAR mats we manufacture. If there is a problem with the fit, just e-mail us a photo of the CurranCAR mat inside your car, and we will remedy the situation.

What if I don't like the color I choose?

As all of our CurranCAR mats are handmade to order, we do not accept returns if a customer does not like the color or if it does not harmonize with the car's interior color palette. We are happy to send out swatches in various colors that might go well with your car's interior. These are for you to review and lay into your car before making any decision, but once a set of CurranCAR mats are ordered and manufactured, we cannot accept returns for color.